Casa Vacanze in Sicilia

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Punta Secca, recently known for the novels of the writer Camilleri (the policeman Montalbano), is a seaside resort in the municipality of Santa Croce Camerina.

The beaches are characterized by rock formations alternating with the sand. The village, along with the nearby Punta Braccetto, existed already in the remote era and was occupied by Byzantines, Arabs and Normans. At the time of the Arabs he was called Ayn al-Qasab, but over the centuries he has acquired several other names including Karam of Ra, Karama of Ra, Cape Scaramia and recently Capo Scalambri Visible today in some geographic maps and "nautical" ), From which is called the Scalambri tower, a defensive coastal tower built in the 16th century.

The village owes its recent popularity to the fact that here was set up one of the film sets of the television series The policeman Montalbano and The Young Montalbano. The house of Salvo Montalbano is, in fact, located in a small house in the village square. 

Recommended excursion
THE PLACES OF MONTALBANO (from Camilleri's novels)
About 8 ore
  • Pick-up in hotel
  • Visit the old town of Scicli
  • Visit Puntasecca (The beach and the house of Montalbano)
  • Visit Marina di Ragusa - Ragusa IBLA
  • Return in hotel


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